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Here you can find out more about the work we do and about how you can get involved in making a difference to the lives of adults and children in impoverished regions of Africa.
Our ethos is based on building and maintaining strong partnerships with the communities we work in. We work to enrich people’s lives through implementing improved health and nutrition infrastructures, building opportunities for better education, creating safe places for children to play and helping to generate sustainable sources of income for families.
Each community has unique needs and we pride ourselves on striving to understand and address those needs in a sustainable and impactful way.

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Kikuyu Paediatric Ward Build, Kenya
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Kikuyu Paediatric Ward Build


Taking Kids4Kids Global

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6th October: Progress continues at the Mange Creche toilets in rural KwaZulu-Natal as foundations have been laid and toilet pits dug.

3rd October: African Impact volunteers helped build brand new swings at Zaminfundo Creche in KZN.

2nd October: Window frames and door frames completed at Linda Clinic, Livingstone

2nd October: Additional painting was completed in the interior of Inkanyezi Creche, KZN.

30th September: Four wheelchairs were donated to home based care patients and to the clinic in Khula Village, KZN.

29th September: Foundtaion walls and interiers are nearing completion at Linda Clinic, Livingstone,

26th September: Shade cloth erected around the fence at the Mange Garden in KZN to keep the vegetables safe from the chickens.

24th September: Raising awareness and fundraising in Cape Town on Heritage Day in South Africa.

24th September: Large donation of sports equipment given to the Cape Town projects.

22nd September: St Lucia's after-school club trip was organised:, the children learnt about cooking, enjoyed a restaurant tour, tried dishes and ended with a trip to the beach!

12th September: Finishing touches were completed on Mange Creche in KwaZulu-Natal, whose exterior has received a new coat of paint complete with murals and designs.

11th September:  St Lucia's Khula Clinic received a new blood pressure machine.

5th September: Our THAF intern Sam alongwith Martin began their 50 Days 50 Challenges campaign to raise funds for our projects in Livingstone.

3rd September: Helped sponsor an HIV Education workshop for 20 teenagers from Khula Village in KZN.

26th August:  1000 nappies were donated to our educational support program in KwaZulu-Natal.

25th August:  Refurbishments to the outside of the school began at Mange Creche in rural KwaZulu-Natal.

22nd August: Thanks to a generous donation from Shauna, a special needs teacher with our partners at African Impact in Kenya, a sensory materials workshop was completed with the teachers at Mukeu Special Needs School.

11th August: Improvements were completed to the inside classroom at Mange Creche in rural KZN.

7th August: Progress continues at Linda Clinic as the foundation walls are springing to life!

1st August: The finishing touches were made to the gate at the Jambiani Educational Community Centre.

30th July: KZN creche students made friendship bracelets during an art class thanks to generous donations to the educational enrichment programme.

29th July: Talent show held in Livingstone for community schools, where thank-you parcels of school supplies were given to participants and THAF trophies handed out.

25th July: A greenhouse has been erected and agricultural training for staff has begun at the BOC Children's Centre in Kenya.

24th July: Benches were created and delivered to a creche in KZN to ensure more adequate seating for students during lessons.

18th July: African Impact turned 10 so together to ceelbrate we created of a number of gardens at our focal project locations.

17th July: The construction of the classroom block at Zambezi Sawmills School and a rugby tournament for local schools in Livingstone was thanks to our partnership with Tag Rugby.

14th July: Mange Creche was given a new coat of paint.

9th July: New floor, roof and doors at Etshanen Clinici, KwaZulu Natal.

3rd July: Rainbows and African animal adorn the walls at Simunye Creche in KZN.

3rd July: Land has been prepared at the Jambiani Educational Community Centre to create a garden.

30th June & 3rd July:  The grnadmothers and children from GAPA took a trip to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town.

2nd June: Contractors have been busy raising the walls of the perimeter fence and a 1x1 classroom block at Zambezi Sawmills. 

27th June: In Livingstone THAF participated in the Put Foot rally, where 330 learners from Linda Community School received brand new shoes.

26th June: Donations of clothes, toys, crafts and medical equipment were given by volunteers for both education and healthcare programs.

20th June: Sandcastle fundraiser helped raise money for the Jambiani Educational Community Centre.

18th June: Donations including clothing, handed out to our healthcare project patients in KZN.

12th June: Floor refurbishments to the future clinic in the Etshaneni Community of KwaZulu Natal continue.

10th June: Clothing, shoes, toys and household items provided to families affected by the fire in Masipumelele, CPT, SA.  

4th June: The Reading Club in KZN was featured in the local newspaper.

30th May: Donation drop of school and sports supplies taken to four school in Zanzibar.

30th May: New jerseys received by a local football team in Cape Town, just in time for their provincial game.

29th May: Ceremony held at Inkanyezi Creche to celebrate the opening of their three new toilets.

27th May: Roof completely renovate at the Etshaneni Community Buildin, KZN

20th May: Ground-breaking ceremony held to celebrate the new wall around Zambezi Sawmills School.

16th May: Training bibs and footballs donated to The Local Dulla Boy’s Football team, Zanziba.

14th May:  Contractors at Linda Clinic started casting the slab.

14th May: A new worm farm was constructed at Children of Hope, Cape Town by African Impact volunteers.

12th May: Water tank at Soon Big Brain Academy in Kenya nearly finished as the contractors smooththe columns

8th May: Continuing our hydration-themed workshops, an information session with teachers from Red Hill Preschool was held about hydration and the importance of water for children.

7th May: Mange Creche's roof, KZN, is being repaired and re-erected before winetr arrives, keeping the children dry and warm.

6th May: 100 chicks delivered to the Etshaneni Chicken Project, KZN, as part of an income generation initiative for local women. 

2nd May: Toothbrushes were delivered to preschool children in Cape Town, where they received a lesson about oral hygiene.

2nd May: A nutrition and feeding workshop, to learn about the importance of hydration, was given to teachers at Children of Hope Preschool,Cape Town.

1st May: Volunteers and THAF intern planted spinach at the Mama Grace Garden in KZN.

1st May: Walls of the toilets at Inkanyezi Creche are looking great, and the roof has been put up.

28th April: Phase 1 of the Jambiani Educational Community Centre (JECC) is now complete.

25th April: Zanzibar volunteers moved all heavy coral rock and have started clearing the land of trees and shrubs for the JECC.

24th April: Funds raised at a games night for the JECC.

21st April: The first THAF Presentation was given to the volunteers in Zanzibar.

18th April: Shelter built at the site of an after school club for vulnerable children - learners can do crafts and activities in a shaded, protected area!

18th April: Donations given to local families in need of some extra support in Jambiani, Zanzibar.

14th April: Construction continues on the toilets at Inkanyezi Creche. Toilets have now been put in place and walls constructed!

7th April: Progress made on site with volunteers moving coral rocks and helping to complete the wall with concrete pillars.

3rd April: Foundations have been laid and toilets erected at Inkanyezi Creche.

2nd April: Community members came out to erect posts to secure the perimeter of the Etshaneni Clinic site before renovations begin.

For our long term achievements please visit our achievements page