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Happy Africa Foundation

Our ethos is based on building and maintaining strong partnerships with the communities we work in. We work to enrich people’s lives through implementing improved health and nutrition infrastructures, building opportunities for better education, creating safe places for children to play and helping to generate sustainable sources of income for families.
Each community has unique needs and we pride ourselves on striving to understand and address those needs in a sustainable and impactful way.

Here you can find out more about the work we do and about how you can get involved in making a difference to the lives of adults and children in impoverished regions of Africa.


Working Together

by Happy Africa 27 July 2015
Zambezi Sawmills Community School has been a hub of activity the last few mont... Read more

Luntu Play Area Complete

by Happy Africa 6 July 2015
This year, we have undertaken the renovation of the outdoor play area making Lu... Read more


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Making a difference

July 23: Siyanqoba creche build, St Lucia, has begun .

July 15: Floors are almost complete at Jambiani Education Centre.

July 13: Red Hill Preschool children made get well cards for the sick at the local hospital.

June 16: Four suitcases of clothing and stationery donated by volunteers. 

June 15: Borehole at Zambezi Sawmills has been drilled.

June 11: The Conservation Club, Zanzibar, had their first field trip to the Kizimbani Agricultural Training Institute.

June 10: New washing machine installed at Karuri Health Centre, Kenya

June 4: The Kanga Ladies had another harvest of spinach and aubergines and managed to make a good profit from them.

June 3: Cholera and malaria education given to our Kanga ladies and teachers at two of the nurserys we support in Zanzibar.

June 1: Borehole digging began at Zambezi Sawmills right next to the food garden.

June 1: Three more truck loads of coral rock arrived for the Jambiani Educational Community Projects.

May 25: Over $150 was raised at a quiz night for the Marine Conservation Club in Zanzibar.

May 20: $500 was donated by a volunteer for the Jambiani Educational Community Project.

May 18: Linda Clinic construction underway starting with the roof structure.

May 16: Built two new beds for siblings from our Empower a Family programme

May 15: Painted numbers and alphabet onto the walls of Dukuduku creche.

May 14: Fixed play equipment at Sinenhlanhla creche.

May 12: Helped plant gardens for our 3 families from our Empower a Family programme and two HIV support groups. 

May 10: Planning has begun for the 2015 Street Cricket Tournaments in partnership with Sporting Chance

May 4: Monthly Quiz Night raised R538 for our Family Empowerment program.

May 4: Volunteers and staff participated in a night of fondue fun, raising R710 for our Educational Support project with Luntu Educare

May 1:  May Day Madness fundraiser was held in Livingstone raising over $500 for the Linda expansion project.

May 1: Volunteers and staff in Cape Town dived into a night of Fondue Fun, raising R710 for our Educational Support Project with Luntu Educare.

April 16: Veggie and herb gardens added to our health and nutrition programme in Cape Town.

April 11: After a thrilling and successful trip to Table Mountain, the Cape Town location is eagerly brainstorming with GAPA for our next enrichment trip.

April 9: 159 children, 14 grannies and 3 grandpas went up Table Mountain learning about flora and fauna, our environment and the sights around Cape Town

April 8: Women’s group in Zanzibar have begun taking care of the Beyond the Roots Garden.

April 3: Repainted the Reading Club container.

March 26: Shack installed in the Cape Town house to responsibly store and implement resource donations from our generous supporters!

March 18th: Finished building Gogo 4 kids' toilet and fixed their chicken coup, which had been destroyed by a storm.

March 2: The Tag Rugby Trust joined our Livingstone team, painting classrooms and adding layers to the security wall at Zambezi Sawmills School.

March 20: The International Day of Happiness was THAF’s cue to stage our #Dance4THAF fundraiser, raising R1,538 for projects across all locations!

March 19: Zumba class in Cape Town raised R800 towards the GAPA Enrichment Project.

March 9: Quiz night at Moshi, Kilimanjaro raised 285,800 Tanzanian Shillings.

March 3: Three JoJo tanks were installed at St. Lucia to collect rainwater and provide a sustainable water source to three local residents.

February 23: Cape Town volunteers raised R910 with their spa fundraiser for the GAPA Enrichment Program.

February 23: THAF launched the One Meal One Day Challenge! Click here to accept the challenge!

February 18: THAF’s #HelpingHand Highlight shed light on how our Sponsor a Child project in Livingstone, Zambia helped Nambo have a safe place to stay, with three meals a day, while going to school!

February 17: THAF’s Managing Director, Greg Bows, has been voted the winner of the IHIF Young Leader of the Year award for 2015!

February 5: Cape Town volunteer donated five recycled skipping ropes to the GAPA Enrichment program.