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Our ethos is based on building and maintaining strong partnerships with the communities we work in. We work to enrich people’s lives through implementing improved health and nutrition infrastructures, building opportunities for better education, creating safe places for children to play and helping to generate sustainable sources of income for families.
Each community has unique needs and we pride ourselves on striving to understand and address those needs in a sustainable and impactful way.

Here you can find out more about the work we do and about how you can get involved in making a difference to the lives of adults and children in impoverished regions of Africa.

Education and Empowerment Fund, Zanzibar

Education and Empowerment Fund, Zanzibar, Tanzania
#Education & Enrichment

Education and Empowerment Fund, Zanzibar


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Making a difference

January 29: Foam building blocks donated to our children in Masipumelele, Cape Town

December 25: Christmas carols, visits, Santa and loads of presents distributed to the children and adults in the Livingstone community.

December 11: $652 raised for our Education and Enrichment Progam field trips and workshops, Zanzibar. 

December 6: GBP700 raised for Masipumelele residents, CPT, who lost their homes in a devastating fire.

December 2: HIV workshops held in  St Lucia, Cape Town and Livingstone.

November 30: New clothing donated to our 3 brothers in our Empower a Family Project, St Lucia.

November 10: Sporting Chance Street Cricket has been a huge success so far.

November 5: The pillars are up at our Jambiani Educational Community Centre.

October 23: 70% of Grade R can recognise numbers 1-10 at Red Hill Preschool.

October 23: 100% of Grade R can successfulling identify 10 letters at Red Hill Preschool.

October 15: St Lucia's Siyanqoba creche's floor has been laid.

October 7:  152 children and 12 grannies from GAPA went on an educational outing to Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town.

October 1: New alphabet patterns and resources painted on the walls at Red Hill Preschool

September 24: 100 new chickens bought for Linda Farm

September 18: The building structure of the new three ward District Hospital, Linda Clinic, in Livingstone is complete.

September 12: Colour Run in Moshi raised money for the wall at Langoni Old People's Home.

September 7: Over $10 000 raised by a volunteer for the security wall at Zambezi Sawmills.

August 29: Matresses and beds donated to families in St Lucia

August 26:  All equipment and funds to build a chicken run have been provided and 100 chickens, feed, charcoal and feeding tray, by Highlands School.

August 25: Nutrition workshop held for teachers at Red Hill.

August 24:  Four teachers and two staff members trained on Happy Readers.

August 22: Kikuyu Paediatric Ward floor, windows, floor tiles and wall construction has begun.

August 18: Food gardens created and thriving at Zambezi Sawmills.

August 16:  39 visits were completed providing Home Based Care patents with support and advice.

August 15: New stove purchased for Red Hill Preschool.

August 11: GBP317 raised through fundraising activities in Zanzibar for Marine Conservation.

August 7: Two more children have been sponsored through our sponsorship programme

August 4: Classroom block up to roof level at Zambezi Sawmills has been built.

July 31: Water runs have now been included on Home Assistance during our current water crisis to help disabled/elderly to access fresh water.

July 25: Food gardens created and 25 trees planted at Zambezi Sawmills, Livingstone.

July 23: Siyanqoba creche build, St Lucia, has begun .

July 20: 67 trees planted at Jambiani Educational Centre.

July 15: Floors are almost complete at Jambiani Education Centre.

July 13: Red Hill Preschool children made get well cards for the sick at the local hospital.